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Jen, I found your essay on "Making It Work" especially interesting. It reminded me of something I just read in the book my Sunday school class has been reading and discussing. Will Willimon is writing about the Bible, and he says: "One of the challenges of biblical interpretation is that the Bible contains a wide array of genre. We contemporary preachers of the Word marvel at the resourcefulness of these early communicators of the faith. They use poetry, myth, parable, genealogy, invective, hyperbole, and a host of other literary devices and conventions to communicate the truth about God. We do them a disservice when we apply inappropriate standards of interpretation to the literature that they employ."

Maybe that sounds like a far-fetched comparison, but you know what I mean, right? Like the Ice Planet Barbarians novels make it work in a different way than, say, "I Robot," Genesis makes it work in a different way than Ruth, and the Gospel of John makes it work in a different way than Hebrews.

The more I type, the crazier this sounds, so I'd better just stop here.

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